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St. Thomas’ holds one Holy Eucharist service in the church on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. For details 
about our service click here.


Current Director of Communications job opening at St. Thomas’: Click here for details












St. Thomas’ “be the LIGHT”
Prayer for the 2022-2023 Program Year

Great God of Light, as we start this new school and program year, we ask you to guide us, to be with us, to give us peace, and to be our guiding light. We know that when Jesus was in the world, he used his life to show everyone how to live according to your love. He reminded both his followers and his foes that he had a purpose for his life and ministry – to be the Light of the World. Help us to remember that we, too, are called to be the light in our world today.

Like the most colorful rainbow in the sky, let us reflect every good and beautiful thing in creation that you have made for us. Like the sun rising each day, let us shine brightly in all that we do, and all that we say, and all that we are, to all that we meet and all that see us. Your light reaches places we cannot see, help us to reach places we cannot see.

Like the stars twinkle in the deep night sky, when things seem hard or scary, we ask you to send your Spirit to give us the courage to continue twinkling. Help us to be a light in darkness. Help us to show others that your light will never be diminished or extinguished.

And God, light our way every single day, we ask, so that we may be a light for others on their way, too. We are in the world, help us to be a light to the world.

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