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Baptisms at St. Thomas'

Holy Baptism is administered in the presence of the congregation on specified Sundays throughout the year. In the Episcopal Church there is no specific age at which you should have your child baptized; however, we have found that 3 to 9 months of age works well.

Infant and adult baptisms are held throughout the year. Parents should contact the Office Manager at
(585) 442-3544 or via email to schedule a date.  She will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding godparents, times of services, Saturday preparation, etc.

The Rector will lead parents in “Preparing for Baptism,” a personalized session held before each planned baptism.

Adults who have not been baptized in another denomination and who wish to be baptized at St. Thomas’ must also contact the Office Manager to schedule an appropriate date. We ask that all adults seeking baptism participate in our membership classes. Adults may be baptized at any of the scheduled baptisms throughout the year.


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