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What Is Confirmation?
Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is an affirmation of the vows made at Baptism. For many people, those vows were made by someone else on their behalf during their infancy; through Confirmation, an individual affirms these vows for his or herself. Therefore, Confirmation is a way for us to claim and live into our commitment to Christ and his Church.

What does Confirmation look like at St. Thomas’?
Confirmation at St. Thomas’ is not about pumping youth full of information about the “correct” way to do church or think about God; it’s about exploring what it means to be a Child of God, a member of the Church, and a person of faith. All questions are valued and welcomed, especially those without easy answers!
We use a curriculum called “Confirm not Conform.” Confirmands are expected to come to about ten classes throughout the year, culminating in our Bishop’s visit and Confirmation. The timing of the classes and Bishop’s visit changes every year. If you are interested in Confirmation, please contact the office, and you will be connected with a clergy person.
When Should I Be Confirmed?
Since the decision to be confirmed is a personal one, there is no set age at which youth are expected to begin the process. However, since the program builds on knowledge and understanding of Scripture and the Church learned through years of Christian Education and requires a deeper, more mature examination of one’s personal faith, we encourage youth to wait until at least 8th or 9th grade (with 10th or 11th grade being ideal) to begin the process for Confirmation.

I’m Worried About the Time Commitment!
We recognize that youth have hectic schedules that can make participating in long-term church programs difficult. We feel that Confirmation, while not required for participation in Church life, is an important milestone in a life of faith; therefore, we make every effort to work with families in order to make Confirmation a formative and meaningful experience rather than a stressful one. If you wish to participate but are concerned about your ability to commit to the program or are unsure about your schedule, please let the clergy know so that we can figure out a way to include you!

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