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Weddings at St. Thomas'

Our Hope for You

It is the hope and prayer of our church members and staff that your experience of the Celebration and Blessing of Christian Marriage will be a deeply personal and meaningful one that will serve as the basis of a strong and fulfilling marriage.

St. Thomas’ Church considers it a holy privilege to be part of the celebration of marriage.  The sacrament of Holy Marriage is a solemn and public covenant made in the presence of God.  In the Episcopal Church it is required that one, at least, of the parties must be a baptized Christian, and that the marriage conform the the laws of the State and the canons of the Church.

The priest officiating at the wedding does so as a part of the authority granted him/her by the Church in ordination, pronouncing the nuptial blessing, and presiding at the Holy Eucharist.  Every effort is made to assist marrying couples and implementing a service that is personal and intimate, yet consistence with the liturgy authorized by the Book of Common Prayer.

To Help You Plan

To view a condensed version of the wedding policy, click here.

Wedding Fees

Fees for the sanctuary include costs associated with the use of the church’s facilities including the organist, custodian, light and sound technician, and the fee for the pre-marriage seminar.  Fees for the chapel includes only use of the space and the fee for the pre-marriage seminar.

Members  $325          Non-Members  $525

Please Note: For the purpose of calculating member vs. non-member fees, either the bride or the groom, or one of their parents, must have been a member of St. Thomas’ Church for a minimum of twelve months prior to the wedding.

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